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Peaches are being picked!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update as to how things are progressing. I talked to Skip yesterday and they started picking peaches on the 10th. That's five days earlier than they first thought. I'm hoping to get truck number one in on the 1st of August but that is still a work in progress. You can still place your order for another two weeks but I will let you know for sure. I do charge tax on your orders. Some have emailed me and didn't realize this. I thought I put it in an email, but if I didn't I apologize. I just started the sales tax this year. Years past I paid the sales tax out of my pocket. The sales tax will be added from now on, on all orders.

Sounds like the crop is really good this year. I will be sending out another note when I stop the ordering process. So don't wait, get your orders in now! My website is

Go there right now before you forget and place your orders. I will keep you updated as I find out more.



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