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Freezing Peaches

Freezing Your Peaches

Freezing Peaches

I'm going to tell you how my wife and I put up our peaches. We freeze ours. Some people can them or do jams and jelly. We will show you how we freeze them our way and others can write in and we will post there way also.


First of all, I take a potato peeler and take the skin off the peaches. Then I cut them into smaller cubes and put them in a large bowl. You will get all the peach because these peaches are freestone.  My wife then sprinkles fruit fresh on them. A lot of fruit fresh because this helps them stay pretty in the freezer.  She then takes a quart freezer bag and fills it up, making sure she lets all the air out and then closes it up. They stack very nicely in the freezer.


On average a box of peaches will make about 6-7 quart bags depending on how full you fill them. My wife fills ours because she knows about how much to put into one to make her peach crisps and cobblers. And there you have it. Very simple to do.

Freeze in plastic containers
Freezer bags for peaches
Mark the date you freeze the peaches
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