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Peaches could be a little later this year

Hi All,

After talking to Skip yesterday, he gave me a brief overview of what's happening in the world of Peaches. He said that it is very dry out there and that their part of the country is in a drought situation. They get their water from the Colorado River so they are in good shape. The groves south of them might be in a little bit different situation but we will have to wait and see.

They are past the blossom stage and the peaches are about the size of a pea as of yesterday. They will start the thinning process in a couple of weeks. He is thinking the picking process will start about 10 days later than last year. He said he doesn't know that for sure. We'll have to wait until after the thinning process and the pit hardening to know for sure. The pit hardening should start in a few days. He said the crop looks to be a good one again this year as long as they don't have any severe weather.

So overall it looks to be a good crop and we should be able to get all the peaches we order. The peaches might be a little later than last year but everything else looks good.


Pam and Alan

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