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Peach Report for April 2017

Hi All,

I thought I would give another report on the peaches. I talked to Skip yesterday and he said that two weeks ago they had a freeze that got about 10% of the peaches and all the cherries. He said all is good and that they picked up more orchards and so that would make the crop bigger than last year, which is very good! He said that they would be watching the peaches set on and pay close attention to the pit hardening. Right now they are predicting an earlier crop than last year. They don't know how much earlier until after May 15th, which is the last day of killing frosts in the Palisade area. Everything sounded really positive and with earlier and more peaches, things should really look promising! It's not too early to be thinking about how many boxes you might be needing this year. Peaches come in boxes of approximately 25 pounds. Get eating the ones that you have left from last year so you have room for this years! We need just one fundraiser group this year as I have filled 2 slots for this year. So if you are still contemplating if you want to do this or not, you need to be making a decision before someone takes that last slot. Peaches are a great way to make money for your groups! Our website is Go to the site and put your email in the place provided and you will be kept abreast of all communications with the peaches. By getting on our email list doesn't mean you have to order peaches. Have a great day! Blessings, Alan

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