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Fundraising With Colorado Peaches

This topic today is Fund Raising for your groups and organizations with Colorado Peaches. First of all you need to decide if using peaches for a fund raiser is right for you. I would say about 90% of you would say yes. Everyone has done fund raising with oranges and grapefruit but peaches is done during the summer when it's not so cold outside. We will be offering an opportunity for about 2-3 groups this year.

We are trying to expand our business with the fund raising idea. We are giving others the chance to make a little money by selling peaches. Everyone loves Colorado Peaches. I think they are the best peaches that I've ever eaten. There are many ways you can put up peaches, which we have listed on our Freezing peaches tab.

I've got a Fund Raising tab but I'm going to go over it here on this blog today. First of all, if you are interested in selling peaches, let me know so I can put your name on the list of people that are going to sell peaches. Those of you who have told me that you are interested without making a firm commitment do not have your names on the list as of yet. Remember this is a first come first serve basis.

What we do with the peaches is to sell them to your group at a discount so you can sell them for more to make a profit. For instance, last year we sold to our groups the peaches for $32 and most of them in return sold the boxes for $42 which is a $10 profit. One hundred boxes would equal a $1000 profit for your organization. Some of the organizations sold around 300-400 boxes of peaches which in turn would make them between three and four thousand dollars in profit for their group. This is really quite good. I keep the peaches in my refrigerated trailer until you are ready for them and then I bring them to you. I won't deliver them for you but I will bring them to a spot of your choosing.

One last thing, when I deliver the peaches to you, I get paid before any peaches come off the truck. You can't use the money from selling your peaches that day to pay me. We just need to understand each other on this item. If that is hard for you to do, the next time I will need payment in advance. In years past, the least amount you could order to get your discount was 72 boxes which constitutes one pallet of peaches. This year we will work with everyone on this. I won't let you sell 10 boxes and you expect a discount for those 10 boxes. That won't happen. We will come to an agreement on how many you need to sell for the discount.

So in closing, I would like you all to consider selling Colorado Peaches. Remember too that the first ten to twelve groups that email me with their contact information, which is a phone number and an email address, to our email at will be the ones who get peaches this year. It's not to early to start planning!

Thank you all and God Bless

Alan and Pam

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